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90ssamplecds_archive.torrent 03-Mar-2020 18:26 118.6K
90ssamplecds_files.xml 06-Nov-2020 04:31 62.6K
90ssamplecds_meta.sqlite 12-Jul-2020 19:30 300.0K
90ssamplecds_meta.xml 06-Nov-2020 04:31 4.5K
90ssamplecds_reviews.xml 06-Nov-2020 04:31 14.3K
AKAI Alpine Instruments.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:43 112.2M
AKAI Anime Sound FX.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 09:08 293.7M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:34 181.8M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:37 202.4M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-3.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:38 141.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-4.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:40 186.3M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-5.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:41 83.5M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-6.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:43 221.0M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-7.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:45 138.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-8.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 13:46 178.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Ultimate.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:46 33.1M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 1.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:48 206.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 2.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:50 278.0M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 3.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:51 136.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 4.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:54 207.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 5.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:56 86.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 6.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:58 254.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - WorldSounds.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 14:59 54.3M
AMG - Global Trance Mission VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:01 230.2M
AMG 160dB The Drum and Bass Interface.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 09:11 333.4M
AMG Gota Yashiki Groove Activator.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:23 81.4M
AMG Megabass REMIX! VOL-1 & 2.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 23:35 583.9M
ARP Solina.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:02 164.9M
Back In Time Records - Big Bang.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:03 118.0M
Back In Time Records - Korg Universe VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:05 180.2M
Best Service - Advanced Mega Effects.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:26 126.6M
Best Service - Alpine Volksmusik.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:27 112.2M
Best Service - Brass Super Section.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:30 295.1M
Best Service - Dance Mega Add On Grooves.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:33 276.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Drums CD1.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 19:22 124.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Jungle Rave.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:35 248.8M
Best Service - Hyper Dance.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:37 275.9M
Best Service - Killer Horns.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:38 88.9M
Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra FULL.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:52 1.6G
Best Service - World Colours.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:55 302.4M
Best Service - XX Large Most Wanted 2 String Machines.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:56 160.2M
Best Service - XX Large Most Wanted.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 22:59 278.1M
Best Service - XX Large Pads.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 23:02 330.8M
Best Service Advanced Media Trax Building Blocks.7z (View Contents) 23-Jun-2020 16:54 140.7M
Best Service Advanced Media Trax Modern Composer.7z (View Contents) 23-Jun-2020 16:52 267.4M
Best Service Gigapack 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:26 418.7M
Best Service Gigapack 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:29 324.3M
Best Service Horny Club Sounds.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:31 255.6M
Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:08 343.6M
Big Fish Audio - Synclav FM.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:10 270.4M
Big Fish Audio Uncivilised G'rooves.7z (View Contents) 30-Nov-2019 19:55 372.3M
Bolder Sounds - Granular.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:13 319.4M
CMP - Analogon.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:15 228.3M
Club-50 - Foundations Roland.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 23:48 541.5M
Coldcut's Kleptomania VOL1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:32 139.2M
Drums In Your FACE!.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:18 263.0M
East West - Global Sounds.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:02 250.1M
East West - Quantum Leap Brass (FULL).7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:10 1.1G
East West - Quantum Leap Horns Sax.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:13 311.9M
East West - Symphonic Adventures.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:17 247.5M
East West - Tekno Industrial.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:19 277.2M
EastWest - Smoov Grooves.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:05 699.9M
EdgeSounds - Drum Mashines VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:20 193.1M
Future Music CD1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:35 413.4M
Garritan - GigaHarp.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:20 92.5M
Giga Samples Collection.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:24 462.7M
Goldbaby Tape808 & Tape909.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:36 122.9M
Greytsounds - Scott Peers Sound Engineering.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:25 98.9M
Greytsounds VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:27 237.6M
Hollywood Edge - The Big Bad Beatmachine.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:27 18.8M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD2.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:20 133.8M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD4.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:22 227.9M
ILIO - Propeller Island Legendary M400.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:24 247.2M
ILIO - Propeller Islands Cathedral Organ.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:25 211.8M
ILIO - Trance Fusion Sample CD.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 00:28 274.3M
InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson - The Most Dangerous Synth and Organ.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 02:29 216.4M
Keith Emerson - C3 Invasion.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:36 216.4M
Larry Seyer - Upright Acoustic Bass.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:37 187.9M
Masterbits - TR-Minator.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:41 12.0M
Masterbits - Total Zone.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:41 303.5M
Masterbits - Vintage Voltage.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:43 292.6M
Masterbits CLIMAX 6 - Rapsody (Vocals II).7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:38 293.4M
Masterbits CLIMAX 7 - Bass.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:44 43.3M
Mellotron Archive CD.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:47 322.5M
Mike Pinder - Mellotron.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:50 322.5M
Music Store Sound Service - Einstein.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:51 70.3M
NiceBeats (NiceBytes) - Studioline 09 - Synth Leads.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:53 161.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:37 294.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-10.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:57 282.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-11.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:59 272.4M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-12 (.bin+.cue).7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:02 449.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-13.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:04 303.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-14.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:06 257.3M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-15.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:09 313.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-16.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:12 288.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-17.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:14 262.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-18.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:16 282.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:39 306.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-20.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:20 324.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-21.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:21 226.0M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-22.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:23 247.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-23.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:25 201.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-24.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:26 219.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-25.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:29 292.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-26.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:32 272.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-27.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:34 289.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-28.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:34 67.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-29.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:35 33.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-3.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:40 91.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-30.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:38 285.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-31.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:40 268.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-32.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:42 234.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-33.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 04:46 303.7M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-4.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:42 279.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-5.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:44 280.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-6.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:47 274.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-7.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:49 295.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-8.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:52 289.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-9.7z (View Contents) 07-Mar-2020 03:54 295.1M
Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:39 93.3M
Northstar - Drumscapes Roland.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:11 268.9M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:54 97.7M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:55 101.5M
OMI - Universe of Sounds.7z (View Contents) 22-May-2020 06:44 129.0M
Optigan - The Official Orchestron.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:57 266.6M
Preview.png 06-Mar-2020 18:13 240.1K
Preview_thumb.jpg 06-Mar-2020 19:31 6.0K
Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Private Collection.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 20:59 183.7M
Q Up Arts - Dream Experience.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 21:01 290.7M
Rarefaction - Poke in The Ear With A Sharp Stick.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 21:04 274.6M
Roland - Keyboards of The 60's and 70's CD1.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 19:23 157.8M
Roland - Keyboards of The 60's and 70's CD2.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 19:28 633.5M
Roland JV 2080.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 18:15 279.1M
Roland L-CD701.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:21 305.9M
Roland L-CD702.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:44 952.1M
Roland L-CDC-01.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:47 113.6M
Roland L-CDX-01.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:55 175.5M
Roland L-CDX-02.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 23:07 537.0M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 1.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 23:13 236.2M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 2.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 23:21 350.7M
Roland LCD1 [iso + nrg].7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:14 113.0M
Roland LCDP01 Drums and Cymbals.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:49 92.5M
Roland LCDP02 Guitar and Bass.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:51 83.1M
Roland LCDP03 Orchestral Perc.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:53 103.6M
Roland LCDP04 Orchestral Winds.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:56 126.5M
Roland LCDP05 Solo Strings.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 00:59 120.2M
Roland LCDP06 Brass Sections.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 01:04 212.4M
Roland LCDP07 Super Sax.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 01:07 111.2M
Roland LCDP08 Symphony Orchestra.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 01:10 119.1M
Roland LCDP09 Keys of the 60s and 70s 1.7z (View Contents) 28-Jun-2020 01:13 157.0M
Roland LCDP10 Keys of the 60s and 70s 2.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:34 516.3M
Roland LCDP11 Africa VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:38 130.5M
Roland LCDP12 Solo Brass.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:41 130.9M
Roland LCDP13 String Sections.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:48 290.7M
Roland LCDP14 Africa VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 27-Jun-2020 22:51 118.3M
ST-XX Amiga Soundtracker Sample Packs.7z (View Contents) 17-Apr-2020 23:18 50.4M
Sampleheads - Dave Samuels Marimba & Vibes.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 18:17 158.7M
Soli-Music - World of Synthesizers VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 18:18 169.7M
Sounds Good - Methods of Mayhem.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 18:20 238.0M
Sounds Good - Roots Reggae.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 18:21 111.8M
Spectrasonic Distorted Reality 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:42 334.1M
Spectrasonic Distorted Reality 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:45 502.7M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet (FULL - PACKED).7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:00 2.3G
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD1 - Gospel.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:01 282.7M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD2 - Blues Soul.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:04 234.7M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD3 - Jazz FX.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:06 272.6M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD4 - R&B Dance.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:08 297.9M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD5 - World Voices.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:09 100.5M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD6 - Groove Control.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 18:13 448.5M
Synclavier Sampler Library - KEYS AND GUITARS.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:01 254.2M
Synthworx - Access Virus B.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:04 300.7M
Synthworx - Korg MS-2000.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:06 132.8M
Total Control - Action Cutz.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:08 246.9M
Ueberschall - Jam Box.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:10 252.1M
Ueberschall Houseworx.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:47 298.5M
Univers Sons - Basicussions.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:05 164.7M
Univers Sons - Jazzistic CD 1 & 2.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:10 508.1M
Univers Sons - Kitch 70s.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:12 218.8M
Univers Sons - Raricussions.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:13 211.5M
Urban Shakedown.7z (View Contents) 17-Apr-2020 23:18 6.2M
Vengeance Essential Clubsounds 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:50 362.8M
Voice Crystal - Steve Reid Definitive Percussion.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:10 114.1M
Wizoo - Platinum 24 Electronic.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:15 115.6M
Wizoo - Powered DX.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:17 306.5M
Wizoo - Powered Nord.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:18 86.1M
Wizoo - Powered Wave.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 17:21 377.2M
Wurlitzer EP200.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 19:11 12.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:52 203.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:54 237.1M
X-Static Goldmine 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:55 228.6M
X-Static Goldmine 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:56 120.2M
X-Static Goldmine 3.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 02:58 124.1M
X-Static Goldmine 4.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:01 350.8M
X-Static Goldmine 5.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:04 243.2M
Xsample VOL-1.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:47 106.1M
Xsample VOL-2.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:49 210.1M
Xsample VOL-3.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:50 224.4M
Xsample VOL-4.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:51 128.5M
Xsample VOL-5.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:52 86.2M
Xsample VOL-6.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:54 268.1M
Xsample VOL-7.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:56 180.1M
Xsample VOL-8.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:57 135.3M
Xsample VOL-9.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 02:59 218.4M
Zero G - Harmonica.7z (View Contents) 03-Mar-2020 19:32 500.2M
Zero-G - Malice In Wonderland.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 03:20 314.6M
Zero-G - Man Machine.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 03:22 218.8M
Zero-G - Phantom Horns.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 03:24 173.4M
Zero-G - Pure Tabla.7z (View Contents) 06-Mar-2020 03:26 144.5M
Zero-G Ambient 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:06 314.0M
Zero-G Ambient 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:09 375.2M
Zero-G Datafile 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:10 147.1M
Zero-G Datafile 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:12 230.6M
Zero-G Datafile 3.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:15 250.3M
Zero-G Jungle Frenzy 1.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:16 121.4M
Zero-G Jungle Frenzy 2.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:18 160.5M
Zero-G Jungle Warfare Complete.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:25 896.3M
Zero-G Kocktail Kollection.7z (View Contents) 12-Jul-2020 19:29 996.2M
Zero-G Planet of The Breaks.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:28 473.2M
Zero-G Vocal XTC.7z (View Contents) 29-Nov-2019 03:30 152.1M
__ia_thumb.jpg 11-Oct-2020 21:36 14.7K